Undertaking & Funerary Solutions

It starts with a call

Many don’t know where to begin when it comes to arranging a funeral. This is where we come in and provide you with all the information needed as well as assistance.


Each and every funeral is treated with the same level of respect and dignity and with the high standards and traditional values as set down by the founder which is that whether the funeral is simple or elaborate, it will always be elegant and dignified.


Our longevity is also a testament to our sensitivity to people’s changing needs from one generation to the next. We have always tried to uphold the traditions of those that have passed before us, we have also never been slow to recognise the need for change and to act upon it. 

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24-hour service

We understand that these situations can arise at any time and moment and that arrangements for the funeral have to be done as quickly as possible. We provide you with a 24-hour day and night service for your peace of mind.

A variety of services

We can provide you with any service you need.Whether it is a religious burial, cremation, burial at sea, international repatriations, or even the choice of coffins, regardless if you wish for locally-made or imported.

Hearses & Vehicles

We have a selection of motor hearses that are always available for you as well as chauffeur-driven cars so that you do not have to drive during this difficult time and you can be driven to the ceremony and burial.

There for you when you need us most

Whether it is a simple and traditional funeral or perhaps a more elaborate one, Paul Tonna Son of Santu prides itself on the professional, bespoke, and comprehensive services that it is able to offer each client and at the best prices. We provide you with meticulous and personal attention to detail, from the moment that you contact us. It is the very attention to detail that we provide every situation and the care for families of the deceased that has earned us the reputation for commitment and excellence.

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