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When someone passes away, it is very common for a close relative to phone a Funeral Director.  This is an extraordinary moment in life when strong emotions are accompanied by the necessity of clear pragmatic actions to be taken within a short space of time.


A funeral is the last chance to say goodbye to a loved one and it is a very emotional time. It is therefore of paramount importance that the arrangements are carefully considered as they can only be done once.


Paul Tonna Son of Santu prides itself on being able to offer a 24 hour service providing advice on what needs to be done and by whom. With over a century's experience, nearly all situations have been encountered.


Having been established in 1890, Paul Tonna Son of Santu has been undertaking funeral arrangements for the last 125 years. During this time, an enviable reputation for quality, based on a compassionate and highly professional approach to handling the arrangements clients' require, has been built. Each and every funeral is treated with the same level of respect and dignity and with the high standards and traditional values as set down by the founder. Whether the funeral is simple or elaborate, it will always be elegant and dignified.


Our longevity is also testament to our sensitivity to people's changing needs from one generation to the next. Although we have always tried to uphold the traditions of those that have passed before us, we have also never been slow to recognise the need for change and to act upon it.


At Paul Tonna Son of Santu, we take great pride in providing the finest and most modern hearse and funeral cars available. Our fleet is maintained and presented to the highest standards whilst our staff is  fully trained to provide the highest levels of care to both you and your loved ones.


It is advisable to take a little time to find a company with whom you feel comfortable. At Paul Tonna Son of Santu, we aim to provide quality service at low cost and find that we compare very favourably against other undertakers. Should you wish to call or visit other funeral directors to obtain estimates, make sure that the quote you receive covers all expenses including the burial fees.



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